Have dramas run stale for you lately? Are you looking for a beautiful, sweeping K-drama that pulls you back into the world of obsession and late night binge-watching? If you are (and even if you’re not), then ladies and gentlemen, this K-drama is for you. The first two episodes have already promised viewers a gorgeous story with fantastical elements (complete with a moving OST you’ll be humming all day).

The characters

We’re introduced to several characters in this week’s episodes, and none of them quite fit the mold you’d expect: Nam Hong Joo, our main female lead, is a kind and pretty young woman who wants to help people. Yet her frustration at being helpless to alter the events of the prophetic dreams she has often makes her seem curt. She has a close relationship with her mother, who — having the same kindness Hong Joo does — often encourages her to try to save those she sees in her dreams.

Jung Jae Chan, meanwhile, is a sweet and good person who often gets mistaken as egotistical and unintelligent. It’s impossible not to lose your heart to the tired, handsome prosecutor who seems to take each misunderstanding with a sigh and a grain of salt. On the other hand, the outwardly loyal and good-hearted attorney Lee Yoo Bum — beloved by all — reveals himself immediately to be the jerk of the show, as a sly coward with no care for others and a willingness to cross any line to succeed. It’s a wonderful tale of people not being who they seem.