[Music and Dramas] That extra something special when actors sing for the OST

Suspicious Partner

By @whoopeeyoo

I had just finished the first twelve episodes of Strongest Deliveryman. I was riding the high it gave my heart and after rewatching my favorite scenes, I eventually had to sleep. But even before sleeping, I wanted to relish the feelings the show gave me. So naturally, I started listening to the soundtrack. Then I discovered that both Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin sang for the OST. I liked the sound of Go Kyung-pyo’s “La La La,” but I ended up loving the song after I searched for the lyrics translation. It felt like his character Kang-soo was singing the song to Chae Soo-bin’s Dan-ah. Typical of my obsessive behavior, I then ended up listening to OSTs sung by the lead actors and actresses of various K-dramas. (And I didn’t get much sleep, obviously.)

Despite My Secret Romance getting uncharacteristically and unnecessarily angsty towards the end, listening to “Same” by Song Ji-eun and Sung Hoon from the OST still brings a smile to my face. It got stuck in my head and I remember listening to this song again and again because it was just too cute. Even now, whenever I listen to this song, I flash back to the hilarious and sweet interactions their characters Jin-wook and Yoo-mi shared.