It’s been comeback after comeback after comeback lately, with still no end in sight. So in case you haven’t been crying enough because of MVs, live performances, magazine pictorials, and whatnot, let’s see how much more you can take.

If none of these movies make you teary, you’re probably a rock. Or just a really joyful person. Or really good at hiding your emotions. Whatever the case may be, let’s get to it! Get the tissues ready and hide the soju – here are some of the saddest Korean movies.

1. “One Day


Starring Chun Woo Hee and Kim Nam Gil, this movie leaves you on a “wait, what?” kind of ending that will probably make you shed some tears. A coma patient-turned-ghost is trying to solve the mystery of her accident with the help of a handsome insurance investigator. Still, with funny scenes sprinkled in every now and then, this is more of an entry-level film in the hierarchy of tear-jerker films.

Watch the trailer below!