Unfortunately, the drama never ends for Jackson of GOT7. The boys have just made a comeback with their song “You Are” off of their album ‘7 of 7’ on October 9th and anti-fans have already bombarded Jackson with questions about quitting the group as soon as he entered the spotlight again.

During a press conference on October 10th, GOT7’s Jackson had surprised fans by making a remark regarding the previous situation. “There are people who like me, and people who don’t like me, but I can’t promote thinking about all the ones who don’t like me. I just want to promote as a GOT7 member.

He continued to clarify his statement was mad because fans and anti-fans questioned his solo promotions for “Papillion” and time spent away from the group during their Japanese promotions. The rumors had been spread or brought up numerous times throughout the year. However, Jackson feels this comeback and promotion will put an end to said speculations.

What do you think about Jackson taking the opportunity to address the haters on his own? Should he just let it go or continue to take a stand? Don’t forget to check out GOT7’s newest song “You Are” off of their album ‘7 of 7’ down below and stay tuned for more updates!