Dancing the Macarena with Go Back Spouses

I’m totally feeling the throwback vibe with the Macarena music video that Go Back Spouses has just released. We see Jang Nara (One More Happy Ending), the “baby-care loser and full-time housewife” enjoying herself in ’90s plaid, dancing with her friends, in between intervening scenes of the drama.

She and Sohn Ho-joon (Blow Breeze) play an acrimoniously bickering married couple who have grown weary with their lives and with each other in the present. They go back in time eighteen years, retaining their memories, but having regained their lost youth.

The two fathers-in-law sing the Macarena chorus: Kim Byung-ok (Man Who Dies to Live) plays Sohn Ho-joon’s father, while Lee Byung-joon (Father is Strange) plays Jang Nara’s father. But in between their cheerful singing, we see scenes of Jang Nara yelling at Sohn Ho-joon for not bringing in enough money or leaving her to be lonely. And he asks why she doesn’t understand him, as he sacrifices his pride on multiple occasions to provide for their family.