Since its first episode back in 2012, ‘Show Me The Money’ has become one of Korea’s most sensational rap shows to date! With over 6 seasons already produced, the show continues to highlight talented rappers, both old and new, and putting them under a spotlight which has lead a lot of these underground artists to stardom! Despite the tough competition, these performances were definitely one of the most memorable ones that every hip-hop fan must see. View which participants wowed us the most on this list!

Minho’s performance of “OKEY DOKEY” alongside Zico of Block B became one of the most popular songs out there. The addicting melody, trap-like instrumental and catchy hook made this song a rap masterpiece. It contained the fundamentals of any perfect rap song and the guys made the song come to life with their rowdy charisma. This song has been covered endlessly by fans.

BeWhy took the stage and the fame when he performed “Believe, Forever Forever,” which was produced by the hit rapper Grey of AOMG. The song was mystifying as the stage was consumed with smoke and the fans, as well as the judges, were left with their mouths agape as they watched BeWhy kill it. Once the beat drop, it was game over for the others!

For a techno rap that borrows a lot of familiar beats, “Bounce” by Bobby of WINNER was one of the sickest performances yet. His endless speed and effortless flow had the girls screaming and boys singing. Bobby has endless energy that fits his rapper style perfectly. If you want a party hype song, you need to hear “Bounce.”

“Machine Gun” was one of the more entertaining songs by Zion.T and Kush as the rappers imitated the killer sounds of a machine gun and compared themselves to deadly weapons. The judges respected their hardcore energy and the boys didn’t need any outrageous lyrics or instrumentals to capture the attention of fans. Give these guys a beat and they’ll make a hit in no time.

Just like the song title. “Stand Up” will get you off your feet as it is a little more different than the typical rap songs we are hearing today! The jazzy, deep vocals of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa paired with Basick’s soft yet strong voice creates, alongside their party rockin’ beat, makes for one heck of a song. Stand up exudes a lot of spirit and the lyrics match the concept as it triggers any listener to get wild!

Which song was your favorite from this list? Any other performances that wowed you from the program? Share them with us!

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