Park Eun Bin recently addressed the epilogues in “Age of Youth 2” hinting at her character’s death, and her co-star Son Seung Won shared some of his own thoughts as well.

Son Seung Won played the role of Song Ji Won’s friend Im Sung Min. One of the epilogues suggested that the two characters would be getting married and having a child but Song Ji Won would end up dying eight years later.

During an interview held on October 11, Son Seung Won commented, “Song Ji Won and Im Sung Min do end up getting married, but I felt sad about Song Ji Won passing away first.”

He then talked about the epilogue that showed his character with his daughter. “I actually wasn’t supposed to appear in that epilogue. The script just said it would be ‘a man,’ but the director asked me if I wanted to film it. I think he wanted the viewers to imagine that Song Ji Won and Im Sung Min would be getting married,” said the actor.

“Later on, I asked the writer whose daughter she actually was, and she said she was mine. I didn’t even know this while filming that scene,” he added.

Son Seung Won continued, “In the epilogue, the man is dressed in black. He stops by Belle Epoque with his daughter after Song Ji Won’s funeral. I’m happy that the two characters get married but it’s so sad that she dies first. He marries her after having a crush on her, but he ends up a widower.”

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