Yoon Kyun-sang, Jung Hye-sung may be on the road to Doubtful Victory

Jung Hye-sung, Yoon Kyun-sang

If this pairing works out, Doubtful Victory will already be set for a great beginning. This new crime drama is currently courting Yoon Kyun-sang (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) and Jung Hye-sung (Manhole) to be its leads; it may have been courting Yoon for a while, given mixed reports back in August, but now his side has confirmed receiving the offer.

Doubtful Victory is about a fake detective who fights off hidden evils and regains his own life. Yoon is up for the title role of Il-seung (Doubtful Victory can also be read as Mysterious Il-seung), a framed ex-convict and prison escapee who is being funded by criminals to find a huge stash of money. Il-seung becomes part of the metropolitan investigation unit and is described as having street smarts; he’s fast on the uptake, and his body moves just as fast as his mind. Despite his lumbering swagger and fierce temper, he doesn’t say many words, and is a man’s man with handsome looks and a tenacity about him.

The character claims that after graduating police academy, he was immediately sent on a foreign mission and came back only recently. He didn’t even go through the regular rotation through the local precinct, and was directly assigned to the metropolitan investigation unit. And because of his strange resume, he’s been nicknamed the “alien” by his colleagues.

Jung Hye-sung, if she confirms, will play an inspector in the investigations unit named Jin Jin-young. In a career field where teamwork is everything, she has no concept of sharing or compromise. She was number one throughout her entire time at police academy, and is an all-around elite badass—smart, athletic, with an impressive performance record.

Ooh! I hope there’s a cute love line amidst the dramatic crime solving. Although I haven’t seen her recent dramas, I really enjoyed Jung Hye-sung’s performance in Oh My Venus and Pride and Prejudice, and I think a sweet Yoon Kyun-sang would be just the thing her character might need to mellow out and learn to get along with others.

There may be a Six Flying Dragons reunion in store, with Yoon Kyun-sang possibly rejoining PD Shin Kyung-soo (Six Flying Dragons, Tree With Deep Roots). Writer Lee Hyun-joo (Pride and Prejudice, School 2013) is also onboard this project, and their drama credits are making me drool a little bit.

Monday-Tuesday drama Doubtful Victory will begin in November on SBS, after the end of Temperature of Love.

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