After the October 19th episode of ‘Happy Together 3,’ viewers were absolutely bothered by Kim Seung Woo’s disturbing comment which revealed his interest in younger girls.

During the segment, Kim Seung Woo brought up the controversy of when he was titled a “pervert” after revealing that A Pink’s Naeun was his ideal type, despite the 25 year age gap. He opened up the unsettling topic by saying  “I’ve once named A Pink‘s Na-Eun (23) as my ideal type. And that led to a pervert controversy.” 

Kim Seung Woo shared his stress on the situation as he said that the media twisted his words and created an uncomfortable story. “When I was asked about older woman, I said that age does not matter. The media then posted that I said Naeun was my ideal type and I did not care about age.” It seems the outlets were more misleading.

In the end, Kim Seung Woo tried clearing the air by simply saying, “Naeun is simply an ideal type by looks,” confirming it has nothing to do with age.

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