With KBS’s new idol rebooting show “The Unit” premiering soon, K-pop fans have spotted many familiar faces in the coveted “center” spots of the competition’s first music video!

“The Unit” is a survival show that aims to give idols a second chance at success, and nine female and nine male contestants will be chosen for finalist project groups.

Before the show begins later this month, “The Unit” has released some individual teasers and two music videos so far, with “My Turn” including all 126 contestants and “Last One” showcasing the guys. The MV for the track “My Turn” features both male and female contestants performing on stage, and has been described as the idols’ first mission.

“The Unit” has not yet released a list of all 126 participants who made it past the auditions earlier this month, but with K-pop fans being well-trained as detectives, all they needed was an MV (and a “making-of” video) to put names to most of the faces.

Nine male and nine female contestants were chosen to be the centers for the “My Turn” MV, and both teams of centers get to perform separately from the whole group. It hasn’t been revealed yet how the centers were chosen, and there’s a mix of both well-known and newer stars in these talented groups.

Find out who fans have spotted in the first “The Unit” center groups below!

Male Center Group

IM’s Kijoong

IM member Kijoong appears to be the main male center in the music video for “My Turn,” and also stands at the very front in the “Last One” MV.

IM is a four-member band under MBK Entertainment that only just made their debut on September 1 with the rock ballad “Sad Story.” Not much is known about them yet, although the group members have been described as vocalists that are also able to play instruments.

You can check out their MV below, with Kijoong being the first member to sing.