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Cosmic Girls will be launching their second reality show!

On October 20, Starship Entertainment officially stated, “Cosmic Girls will be appearing on their own reality show ‘Smile’ [literal translation] through JTBC. It will begin broadcasting on November 2.”

The girl group’s new program will not be a typical reality show, and will instead be a “real variety” show, combining stories and variety. The girls will be leaving their dormitories and live new lives as they play various games and missions. According to a source from their agency, the show will make the group cast aside its current image.

Cosmic Girls previously starred in their own reality show “Would You Like Girls” last year, where they were able to show fans their colorful personalities. Many are eager to see how their synergy will be on their new show with these distinct personalities.

“Smile” will be airing on November 2 at 7 p.m. KST on JTBC, and will be streamed through Naver V Live as well.

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