Oh, man, this is going to be interesting! I mentioned in the previous news post about “Grand Prince”, but Seven-Days Queen was a show that so easily could have turned terrible, but only became better for each episode and was made with so much heart I felt loved when it was over. And I feel one of its biggest strengths was Chae-Kyung and her actress.

Chae-Kyung was depicted as very beautiful, kind and insightful, but the world (and herself) also achknowledged that she was not overly intelligent, politically savvy or the like, and that had repurcussions. Even so, she always carried herself with agency and spirit. Even at her most humiliating moments she insisted on having a choice in the matter, no matter how little she actually could decide. The hatred between the brothers made her a chess piece, but she refused to be played around with. So even though that kind of love triangle is my guilty pleasure and I tolerate its immoral implications a lot, SDQ made everything so much more intense and better because the title character was just that wonderful and driven.

I feel one major difference might be the bromance? Seven-Days Queen didn’t really HAVE a bromance. The two brothers were at odds and never really worked together, and Seo-no did not have that much focus with Yeok compared to other characters. The story was more focused on other relationships, like with the main couple and their individual connection with Yeonsangun, and more. While “Grand Prince” already mentioned bromance as a big deal, which might potentially shove the female lead away. Thus she might become a chess piece, or an object to fight for. The most important thing is that she stays her own character. Even San from “The King Loves” was her own character with virtues and flaws, and she didn’t want to become an object between the boys, even if she had to give up her own feelings for that.

I wonder if the Grand Prince will be the male lead in the romance? Like, will the female lead end up with him? I kind of automatically assume the woman will be the protagonist and we will follow her mostly, but I guess this might be more like “Yi San”, where we mainly follow the prince with regularly visits to the female (and secondary male) lead. Will it end with the female lead falling for the other man and the Grand Prince letting her go, like in “The King Loves”? Will the Grand Prince, despite being the titular character, be the antagonist of the love triangle that the other two avoid like in SDQ? Will he be the villainous protagonist whom the female lead ends up with? I’m so curious, but also worried because again, these kinds of shows can easily turn bad, but because it’s my guilty pleasure I need it to be at least decent!

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