Open Thread week 37! How is everyone today? The hubby had oral surgery a couple days ago, so I’ve been living with a lion with a splinter in his paw. LOL! Really, not LOL, because hubby’s who don’t feel well are worse than kids that don’t feel well. But he says he’s “fine” today, good thing too, because he’s making pho for all our friends this weekend and he makes the best pho ever—totally not exaggerating!
There was only one episode of “Temperature of Love” this week, and it was a slow one, not a lot of development in the story—but OMG, the kissing! I’m convinced Seo Hyun Jin was the missing link in Korean kissing. Every guy she’s paired with has a great kiss with her, at least the ones I’ve seen. Eric! Yoo Yeon Seok (still don’t know the right spelling of his name)! and now Yang Se Jong! I wonder if he got any pointers from her. I’m still not over her previous kissing scenes!
And because I was up last night anyway, I caught up with “Because this life is our first.” I’m still on the fence about this one. They really still do act like strangers living together. I don’t feel the chemistry yet. BUT. THAT. CAT. It is gorgeous! Does anyone know what breed it might be? I. HATE. CATS. but watching this show has tempted me to go get one. We have a black stray cat that hangs around our house—it was the subject of a photo-documentary that my daughter just submitted for a contest—and it’s pretty, but “Kitty” looks like the softest thing I’ve ever seen!

Not a lot of talking with the hubby, but I was at a birthday party for a sweet 16 year old last night, and was talking with a couple of my husband’s friends, and had these deep thoughts:

Friend #1: Something your husband said to me I’ve been thinking about.

Me: What’s that? He says useful things sometimes.

Friend #1: It was about me drinking, maybe too much sometimes. He said “Does it make you happy to drink?” I thought about it and said, “Yes, it does!” And he said, “Well, that’s a start, so many people are miserable doing things that they think they like doing and it controls their life, and they’re still miserable.”

Me: That sounds like something he would say.

Friend #2: So that means I can still eat all my sweets???

Me: I guess if it makes you happy. Anything is good, until it’s to excess. For instance, Friend #1 and alcohol, Friend #2 and sweets, me and kdramas!

Friend #2: At least you don’t have caloric intake with kdramas!

Moral of the story: Stay skinny, watch more kdramas!

2nd Moral: Carefully pull the splinter out of the lion’s paw, and he’ll make you your favorite meal.

3rd Moral: It’s a beautiful day here and I hope you all are having a beautiful day where you are!

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