When it comes to heartfelt music, lyrics are a valuable asset in the making of a song. Additionally, the truest form of lyrical expression can be genuinely sensed within hip hop, as the artists usually address personal matters they’ve underwent through their flawless storytelling rap style.

From defying society to acknowledging one’s personal growth and showing appreciation to loved ones, here are 11 moments when hip hop artists got personal with their music.

1. Tablo – “Try (feat. Bumkey)”

Every avid Tablo fan knows that he happened to be in a dark place a few years back due to an academic controversy. During that time, he felt like a burden on his family, which made him transfer his feelings onto this song where he promised both his wife and daughter that he will try and make things better in the future. Towards the end, the song is crowned with his daughter Haru calling her dad “Appa” for the first time.