I am so happy that this life is our first is doing decently well. Like the numbers aren’t remarkably high but they’re still decent and they kind of fit the slow slightly laid-back and unconventional feel of the drama. It’s the same with the numbers for 20th century boy and girl for me. Like the drama makes me soooo happy and I am not surprised it is not hitting those high numbers (television watchers like unnecessary drama after all), but the drama is so heart felt that I am so happy just to be able to watch it.

The Package was surprising for me because I wasn’t expecting to love it, but now I do. That moment in episode 3 when the ahjumma was crying, and her husband was also crying because he knows she’s ill and then we flash back to his wish in the church… let’s just say I was a mess. I still am. It’s definitely one of those dramas that creep up on you.

Buamdong revenge club is also soooo good. I still can’t get over drunk Jung-hye (gah! She is so adorable. Hehehehehehehe), and I can definitely see why the numbers are a hit. Ra Mi Ran’s SLAYING in the role! Her catwalking and putting on the airs of the rich madam in the opening of episode 2 was GOLD! I’m eagerly waiting for episode 3 and so immensely grateful that there are kind souls subbing it.

Mad Dog definitely picked up for me. The first two episodes were kind of all over the place, but when we entered episode 3 and you realize that there are so many things hidden beneath the surface, people who you thought were guilty and turned out not to be, innocent grandfathers who are masterminds, people who you thought were dead but are actually alive, well, let’s just say it has me hooked! The numbers aren’t soooo good, but they aren’t as bad as the ratings some shows have fallen down to (*me crying as I remember Beautiful Mind).

It’s kinda sad that revolutionary love dropped lower than last Sunday’s numbers but I hope they pick up again (if that happens then it means Saturdays are a low for them and Sunday’s where they get the pick up).

As for my one and only love: While You Were Sleeping, it finally beat Hospital Ship in ratings. Yessssssssss! I’m so breaking out the champagne and celebrating because bless and bravo!!!!

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