First look at Yoo Seung-ho and Chae Soo-bin in I’m Not a Robot

Oh so cute! The first stills of Yoo Seung-ho (Ruler—Master of the Mask) have been revealed for his upcoming drama, I’m Not a Robot. In it, he plays the principal investor of a successful finance company who has everything from money to power to looks. Unfortunately, he also has a “human allergy,” which prevents him from having a girlfriend, let alone any physical relationship. As a result, when he meets this girl robot, in his loneliness, he ends up falling in love with a her. But is she really a robot?

Main love interest Chae Soo-bin (Strongest Deliveryman) is also captured in the stills below. She will be playing two roles: a robot and a human. Her robot character is Aji-3, the latest AI humanoid android with a supercomputer brain programmed to understand humans. Her second character, Jo Ji-ah, is a human who has an Einstein-level of emotional intelligence and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur who makes things that people need. Through her ex-boyfriend who is an engineering doctoral student, she gets a part-time job acting as a robot that looks exactly like her, Aji-3. So I wonder, will Yoo Seung-ho be falling for Aji-3 or Jo Ji-ah? It’s been reported that Chae Soo-bin has been practicing her gait, accent and intonations for months to perfectly mimic a robot.

Regarding the production team, PD Jung Dae-yoon (She Was Pretty) and writer Kim Sun-mi (Shine or Go Crazy) are collaborating for this drama. It’s also been reported that Yoo Seung-ho and PD Jung Dae-yoon hit it right off the bat, completely in tune with each other’s ideas regarding this project. I’m glad because a good rapport between the cast and the crew means a positive work environment, which will hopefully lead to an even better drama.

Overall, I’m just looking forward to seeing these two actors, Yoo Seung-ho and Chae Soo-bin, onscreen. In both their sageuks earlier this year (Ruler—Master of the Mask and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People respectively), I thought that they were heavily underutilized. So I hope that I’m Not a Robot will give them the opportunity to show off all the cute charisma that I know they’re both capable of.

MBC romantic comedy I’m Not a Robot will air sometime later this year.

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