Balladeer, actor, host, and overall entertainer Lee Seung Gi left to serve his mandatory military service on February 1, 2016, leaving behind fans worldwide who have waited faithfully for his return to civilian (and celebrity) life. Safe to say, most of us have been yearning for our puppy since he left. After a 21-month long wait while he served his country, he has finally returned.

Thankfully, we’ve had news while Lee Seung Gi has been away. As part of the special forces, he learned to push himself, developed a love of exercise, and kept his goals for his civilian life in mind. Although the entertainer has said that he’s nervous to return to civilian life after acclimating to the service, we will welcome him with open arms and wait for him. After all, he was picked as the most awaited celeb in the army. Don’t worry, puppy fans. He returns even stronger and determined than ever!

To celebrate his return, let’s dive into all the amazing things Lee Seung Gi has given us.

Lee Seung Gi, the crooner


Before he was the Hallyu star that we know and love today, he was a young talent scouted at the age of 17 who put out his first album in 2004. “Because You’re My Girl” wormed its way into fans’ hearts, most especially the noonas‘.