In an emotional scene on tvN’s Youth Over Flowers, WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo opened up about his insecurities during his early trainee days with the group.

As the band members watched whales in the ocean, Kim spotted a baby whale practicing their skills, jumping in and out of the water as his mother swam nearby.

Kim Jin Woo later shared that the scene reminded him of his own trainee days, a time he found very difficult. He said, “I once cried after hearing my own voice because it was… so weird. I was 20-years-old at the time. It sounded so weird. It sounded like I couldn’t sing and because I didn’t have the confidence I cried – big time.”

Sharing an insight into his feelings at the time, he added, “I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my duties as the oldest member of the group. I wasn’t composing or writing songs. I felt like I lacked participation in the team and so I tried to find something else that I could do so I practiced, took vocal lessons… I wanted to receive more compliments from my fellow members. Because I was always bad, and I was also a harm to the other members. Not any more, but I wasn’t satisfied with myself and felt like I was falling behind.”

Given the success of WINNER, we’re sure Kim Jin Woo has nothing to worry about anymore! Watch the emotional clip below.