Overall – Forest of Secrets, Radiant Office, Package, Revenge Club, Because this is our 1st.

Thriller – Forest of Secrets

Laughed – actually, Man to Man. Sure the whole thing didn’t work but Woon-Gwang, Woon-Gwang and Sul-Woo, and Woon-Gwang and his little statues – just had me in giggles.

Fave Characters – back to Forest of Secrets. No Radiant Office in there, so Ma Yi-Deum for the 3rd.

Villain – Forest of Secrets. I know, there’s a theme here, but Yoo Jae-Myung gave one of the standout performances of the year as a beautifully written character. Also, poll above – bit spoilerific?

Bromance – Man to Man/Radiant Office/Goblin

Breakout – Strongest Deliveryman’s Kim Sun-Ho.

Underrated – Buamdong, The Package, Radiant Office.

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