Award season is upon us and we can’t wait to see what is in store. With every award comes an award acceptance speech, and these can include jokes, dances, tears, and the unexpected. We’ve put together some of the most memorable award acceptance speeches you should definitely check out!

1. Kim Joo Hyuk at The Seoul Awards (2017)

This award acceptance speech is memorable for so many reasons. The setting was the inaugural Seoul Awards, the first-ever ceremony. The timing was just days before his unexpected passing, a heartbreak felt by many. And it was the first time he won an award for a supporting role in a film, a well-deserved award.

During his speech, Kim Joo Hyuk talked about what an honor it was to receive the award after acting for 20 years, and how it was his first time playing an antagonist in “Confidential Assignment” after playing more romantic comedy roles. After thanking the film staff and his agency’s CEO, he ended his speech with, “I think this award has been given to me by my parents, who are in heaven.”

We will forever remember Kim Joo Hyuk for his accomplishments, humble attitude, and admirable character, which are well represented in this speech.