[Vlog + Giveaway] Testing out the best of K-beauty with Fiddysnails and Beautytap

We’ve got an extra vlog this week (look at us, being extra productive), and we’re trying something new! (Also giving things away! Details below.)

Girlfriday and I had the chance to hang out with beauty and skincare guru Fiddysnails—aka Jude, aka editor at large of Beautytap (formerly W2Beauty)—and shot a video talking about some of the best K-beauty products of the past year. (Mostly, she told us what she thought was the best and we played with products.)

We know Beanies love a good poll, so you may be interested to know that Beautytap is holding a “Best of” poll of their own: the Beautytap 2017 K-Beauty Awards. If you’re as beauty-obsessed as girlfriday and I are, you’ll have lots of opinions about products, and this is your chance to let us know what’s your holy grail product (or what everyone should stay far, far away from).

And to make things more fun, we’re giving away a box of 10 beauty products from the “Best Of” nominees. Free K-beauty!