Just Between Lovers” has been keeping its steady pace of being my favorite K-drama at the moment. With the cold winter weather and holidays, it’s the perfect K-drama to watch and cuddle up to. Won Jin Ah and Lee Junho are the perfect romantic pair if you’re looking for a simple, but romantic love story. Here’s a look at 12 adorable OTP moments from episodes 5 and 6.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. The classic seatbelt move that brings the couple closer together

As she leans over to help him put on his seatbelt, they lock eyes and we can totally feel the intensity.

2. Moon Soo fixing Kang Doo’s hair and dusting off his suit

It was sweet seeing Kang Doo being taken care of even though it was such a small gesture. There’s an innocence and vulnerability in his eyes that is hard to look past!

3. When Moon Soo checks on Kang Doo’s knee

Wasn’t it adorable seeing Kang Doo get flustered and embarrassed at Moon Soo’s touch?

4. When Moon Soo apologizes

This part was an especially important part in their relationship. Moon Soo is apologetic for not having been there to support Kang Doo emotionally after he encounters the death of the old lady they were visiting. He felt so lonely afterwards, which makes this moment all the more special and meaningful for the couple!

5. Kang Doo grabbing Moon Soo’s hand to catch the bus.

… and the gaze they give each other as the bus drives away!

6. Kang Doo realizing that he’s not alone

After Kang Doo discovers the old lady’s body, he feels so alone and desperate for some company. It was this simple text message from Moon Soo that made him feel not so alone in the world.

That smile!

7. Kang Doo finding the popsicles that Moon Soo left for him


8. … which lead to Kang Doo sending that sweet text message!

Yes, he ate all those popsicles and it was the cutest thing ever.

9. Kang Doo taking Moon Soo to the amusement park to make her feel better

It’s adorable to see Kang Doo’s tough and rugged exterior be let down in an attempt to make Moon Soo smile. Even putting on the animal ears to make her feel better was too sweet!

10. Kang Doo sticking up for Moon Soo

Something about the knight in shining armor rescuing the woman he likes is always endearing to watch. Especially since that knight is played by Junho.

11. “I like men who eat carrots.”


SAME, Moon Soo, SAME.


13. And finally, when Kang Doo offers his hand to Moon Soo

Just when Moon Soo is sober and embarrassed about her strong advances from the night before, Kang Doo puts her anxious heart to rest by offering his hand. It was a simple and sweet gesture, reassuring Moon Soo that he also likes her.

Here’s to the start of an epic romantic adventure! I can’t wait to see next week’s episodes!

If you haven’t started watching this K-drama, you can start here:

Hey Soompiers, what was your favorite OTP moment in this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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