As the remaining 90 contestants on KBS’s “The Unit” work hard to grab a spot in the idol rebooting show’s finalist groups, they recently shared some of their thoughts about what the show means to them.

U-KISS’s Jun, who took first place among the male contestants in the second round of voting, described the show as his “last challenge.” SONAMOO’s Euijin, who grabbed the No. 1 spot among the female contestants, said, “It’s a show that’s made me look back on myself. I’ve learned more about myself.” Including these two idols, many other contestants showed that they hope the program will be a valuable opportunity for them as they described “The Unit” as their “last chance,” “new start,” “turning point,” and more.

HOTSHOT’s Hojung said that to him as an idol, “The Unit” is a program that can show everyone the singer named Go Hojung. IMFACT’s Jeup also said that the show has increased awareness about him and also raised his self-esteem. The show’s youngest male contestant Kijoong of IM described “The Unit” as a way for him to be a good son to his parents.

Boyfriend’s Donghyun said, “I feel great responsibility and pressure for my members who couldn’t be with me, but I want to definitely succeed.” BIGSTAR’s Feeldog commented that “The Unit” has been an important moment in his life and that there is nothing stronger than eagerness.

Lee Jung Ha expressed his gratitude and said that “The Unit” was “a mountain he must climb.” He explained, “If it weren’t for ‘The Unit,’ I wouldn’t be who I am now, and if I climb this mountain, it will be a great strength for me as I live my life. Thanks to [this show], I no longer want to run away but rather want to face things head on.”

When asked what “The Unit” means to her, DIA’s Yebin replied with the English phrase, “Is my life.” Euna Kim, who won the female rap position battle, described “The Unit” as “restart & change” in English. She explained, “It’s an opportunity to alter prejudices and the way people see me through many different performances.”

S.I.S’s Anne emphasized how eager she is and how precious the performances are to her, and also added, “I want to keep going until the end.” Dal Shabet’s Serri described “The Unit” as, “The first page of my life, which has been cool and worthy of applause.” Former APRIL member Lee Hyun Joo said “The Unit” is “a place that has once again given me the opportunity to make my dreams come true.”

On December 30, “The Unit” will be airing a year-end special entitled “The Unit: The Best.” The special will include behind-the-scenes clips of the contestants, and will air at 10:45 p.m. KST on KBS.

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