This year’s ratings were very sad.
Maybe the wave was because of the presidential elections, because after Whisper ended, 14% was considered a huge deal for weekday shows.

TVN was really bad this year, except for some shows which everybody agreed were good (FoS, LutyN) and I think they have really struck gold with the Na PD team (NJTtW, Newlywed Diaries, 3MAD) who also work at the Reply series and Prison Playbook (In Winner over flowers NA PD said the writer of Prison Playbook is a writer of NJTtW too).

JTBC had a ton of luck with the SWDBS team, and had nice ratings on other dramas (since JTBC is not asking for subpar ratings).

OCN was really good with Tunnel, Voice . And Save Me made a lot of noise despite the ratings.

Public broadcasts were a little disappointing , and only Defendant and Chief Kim cracked the barriers, while others were popular only for a part of viewers.


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