Tight embraces and secret flights for tvN’s Mother

The protectiveness is palpable in these character posters for tvN’s upcoming drama Mother, in which a teacher discovers that one of her students is being abused at home and decides to kidnap her. Lee Bo-young (Whisper) plays that teacher, who cradles her student (Heo Yool) to herself in the promos.

In the top poster, her character asks, “Can you call your teacher ‘Mother’?” while below in the wider group image, the copy tells us, “I absolutely tried not to become a mother.” That’s because the teacher character starts out rather cold, and it’s through her efforts to save the eight-year-old Hye-na that she develops a mother-daughter bond that melts her heart. In the other poster below featuring Lee Bo-young, the copy reads, “You are now throwing away your mother, can you do that?”

Lee Hye-young (Can You Hear My Heart, Boys Before Flowers) plays a woman who was a top actress before her husband betrayed her and left her poor and alone. She moves to the countryside where she meets Lee Bo-young’s character, and her poster tells us, “Even without a husband, I raised my child as the best in a comfortable life.”

Go Sung-hee (While You Were Sleeping) plays Hye-na’s “unstable mother,” who has been raising the girl on her own but views her with a mix of both love and hatred. She blames the girl for her unhappiness and for standing in the way of her pursuing her own dreams, and lashes out with anger. Hooo boy, if you’re pitting Lee Bo-young versus Go Sung-hee, I’m gonna have to bet on Lee Bo-young a thousand times over, in so many ways. Go’s poster says, “Hye-na, it’s good for you too if Mom’s happy, right?”

Lastly, in the preview clip below, Lee Bo-young tells the girl, “Teacher will be taking you away, without anyone knowing, to a place far away. Can you do it?”

Mother will follow Smart Prison Living as tvN’s next Wednesday-Thursday drama and premieres on January 24.