Jun Hyun Moo shared some insights into what idols are like at the “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

DIA’s Jung ChaeyeonHan Eun Jung, Kim Ji Min, and Chae Yeon guested on the January 11 episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together 3.”

When asked if she had a dating ban, DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon replied, “Our CEO told us, ‘I don’t think it’s time for you guys to date right now. I think you need to focus on work right now.’” Yoo Jae Suk playfully remarked, “But people who want to date still do it in secret.”

Jun Hyun Moo shared, “I’m the MC of ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships.’ I can see everything there. I can see even better if Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong are next to me.”

Jun Hyun Moo continued on to say, “It’s most obvious when idols in their 3rd or 4th year since debut exchange loving gazes. Then Leeteuk watches and says, ‘Those two are 100 percent.’ It’d be a big problem if I shared what I know.”

Jun Hyun Moo will once again be MCing the 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships, which will be filmed on January 15 and will air on MBC during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Check out a list of the idols participating in the main events as well as the lineup of idol athletes for the bowling competition.

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