Just Between Lovers” is now only three weeks away from concluding, and although the romance between the two main leads was just about to heat up, there have been some obstacles that have unfortunately come to light. Here’s a look at six things we loved and four things we hated about this past week’s episodes of “Just Between Lovers.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. LOVED: Sang Man’s metaphorically relevant lines

Perhaps the most insightful character, Sang Man continues to provide thought-provoking lines and metaphors that indirectly touch on the characters’ lives and hardships that they are experiencing.

Moon Soo knows that she has to confront her past trauma and the baggage that she is dealing with. Only once she faces it, will she also be able to heal from it, which is what Sang Man so beautifully portrayed for her.

2. HATED: Jung Yoo Jin interfering with Moon Soo and Kang Doo making up

Although Yoo Jin is on the side of Kang Doo, it was a crucial time for Moon Soo and Kang Doo to be making up and talking about their issues. It was unnecessary for Moon Soo to see them together, which obviously riled her insecurities about her relationship with Kang Doo.

3. ALSO HATED: Moon Soo’s mom feeding Kang Doo’s insecurities

Poor Kang Doo! He really doesn’t deserve feeling this inadequate. It’s sad to think that there are so many people in Moon Soo’s life who think Kang Doo is not good enough for her. He’s got a great heart and Moon Soo can see this, which is why she wants to be with him. It’s too bad that the others can’t see what she sees.

4. LOVED: Moon Soo chasing after Kang Doo

Just when our hearts were breaking for Kang Doo having overheard Moon Soo’s mother, Moon Soo appeared beside Kang Doo and was yet again there for him.

5. HATED: … how cold Kang Doo was to Moon Soo

Kang Doo pushing Moon Soo away broke my heart. We understand why Kang Doo doesn’t feel good enough to be with Moon Soo, but it’s still sad understanding his perspective and him thinking that he doesn’t deserve her.

His ice cold glares and lines were no match for Moon Soo’s feelings. She really does love him!


Crying for Kang Doo.

6. LOVED: This analogy of healing from painful pasts

Kang Doo is well aware of Moon Soo’s need to face her past trauma. The analogy he uses about his busted leg is perfect for the situation and I applaud the writer. It’s simple, subtle, and brilliant.

7. LOVED: Moon Soo’s persistence

It’s sweet knowing that Moon Soo isn’t letting Kang Doo push her away. She can understand his feelings and knows what he’s trying to do, which is why she isn’t giving up on him. Wasn’t that subtle smile so adorable?!

8. REALLY LOVED: Seeing all the characters together

It gave such a feeling of warmth and happiness, especially considering that the grandmother really needs the support.

9. LOVED: The grandma’s wise words of advice

I thought this line was brilliant and something that everyone can relate to. It summed up the episode so perfectly.


10: HATED: Kang Doo’s nosebleed

I hated this for many reasons, the main one being that I hope they don’t do anything drastic to his character. I know this is a melodrama, but I’m hoping for a happy ending with the OTP! Fingers crossed!

Hey Soompiers, what did you love or hate about this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

If you haven’t already, start watching “Just Between Lovers” here!

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