It is causing me sleepless nights already and I can’t just move on.

I want to know which drama is this. Not sure if this is just one drama or two different dramas, but both involved train stations. Also, not sure whether it is from a TV drama or a movie. I can visualize the scene but not the faces of the actors. Hence, it is very hard for me.

Scene 1: He was waiting for her at the exit of train station based on her usual daily routine. Girl was descending from the stairs and she saw him waiting outside. When she reached the exit, he was not there. Then suddenly he appeared. He said something sweet and I think they kissed or hugged.

Scene 2: Girl had drinks with colleagues and her male colleague was hitting on her and wanted to accompany her on her way home. At the train station the boyfriend was waiting for her (right after the machine where you punch your ticket to get in) and got jealous in a cute way.

I really hope that someone could help me name these dramas. Thanks.

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