It was the comeback that the K-pop industry had been waiting for.

But Suzy‘s return to music has not gone down well with the entertainment media after disappointing journalists at the showcase for her comeback mini album, “Faces of Love”.

On January 29, Suzy held a solo showcase at the YES24 Live Hall in Seoul and held a Q&A with journalists who had watched a lively performance of her forthcoming single.

But according to reports, Suzy gave difficult answers to simple questions, creating an “uncomfortable and unprofessional” atmosphere.

When asked about miss A‘s disbandment, she vaguely responded, “It’s a new challenge to me so I’ve prepared hard.” And when asked about what story she wants to tell with her album, she mumbled, “Love at 25 means…” before giving no further response other than, “Sorry.”

Acknowledging the strange question and answer session, Suzy apologised, “I’m sorry for not giving satisfying answers.

Unfortunately the damage was done and headlines on certain websites included, “Suzy, the press will not bite you!” and “An embarrassing comeback show.”