Watch: Cha Seung Won Is The Best Pianist, Lee Seung Gi Can’t Stop Laughing, And More On Set Of “Hwayugi”


In the newest behind-the-scenes clip revealed from the set of “Hwayugi,” the cast members can’t help but laugh as they tease each other.

One of the scenes explored was the memorable “wedding” scene in episode nine, and Cha Seung Won’s passionate acting while sitting in front of the piano. While he practiced for his scene, Lee Seung Gi looked on, and at one point added, “And your hand should come up once.” Satisfied with his own acting, Cha Seung Won jokingly commented, “Wow, this is really amazing. It looks like I’m really playing. To my ears, it feels like I can hear myself really playing.”

He then went into filming, and as soon as the director yelled cut, the entire set started laughing. Lee Seung Gi gave his co-star a high-five, saying, “You look crazy. It was crazy.” While reciting his own lines in the same scene, Lee Seung Gi kept laughing at his own mistakes as well.

In another scene, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and Bora are all smiles while waiting for their turn. While the actual scene that appeared in episode nine was tense, the two stars were much more playful off-camera. Bora questioned Lee Hong Ki about his character’s feelings for Buja (Lee Se Young), to which he said, “Wouldn’t it be love?”

When asked who he would choose between Buja and Alice, Lee Hong Ki joked, “All of a sudden? In the drama, I would probably go with Buja. But in reality, I’ll just live alone.”