MBC’s upcoming special weekend drama “My Husband, Mr. Oh!” has revealed character posters for its four lead actors.

“My Husband, Mr. Oh!” tells the story of a realistic 30-something single woman Han Seung Joo (UEE) who decides to “marry” an innocent hermit named Oh Jak Doo (Kim Kang Woo) in order to attain the social position of a married woman.

In the posters, Kim Kang Woo perfectly captures Oh Jak Doo’s clueless innocence. He is a “nature man,” which usually implies someone who lives up in the mountains, though in this case might just mean someone who eschews money and possessions to live a simple life. His tagline reads, “All he has is his body, 100% innocent nature man.”

In contrast, UEE looks every inch the career woman as a producing director. Her tagline reads, “Dating, marriage… Do you really have to do those things?”

Jung Sang Hoon plays Eric Jo, whose real name (as revealed in the poster) is Jo Bong Shik. His tagline says that he is a wealthy celebrity, creating comedy between his supposed life and his real, down-to-earth name. Han Sun Hwa plays Jang Eun Jo, Oh Jak Doo’s first love. Her tagline reads, “Oppa, didn’t you miss me?”

“My Husband, Mr. Oh!” premieres on March 3 and will be available on Viki!

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