There is this one drama from around the 2007-2009 era that I don’t know the name of. It’s about a poor woman and a rich man who eventually fall in love.

In this drama, the boy’s mother disapproves of the girl because she is poor and has no parents. The boy is kind of cold and aloof. I specifically remember that the girl lived or worked at the top of a building on the roof. The roof had this green carpet on it. There was this one scene where they are on a yacht and the man tells her that he can’t wait to start a family with her or something like that. There was this other scene that was really funny where the woman thought that the man was going to hit her, so she just closed her eyes and started kicking the air to protect herself, even though he didn’t do anything. The series ended with these two getting married and she is heavily pregnant in the final episode.

In this show, there are supporting characters. There is this one girl who is a bit ditzy and she gets pregnant and on the final show, her twin boys receive gold rings for either their 100th day or first birthday.

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