I’m ready to admit that I have some screwed-up guilty pleasure when it comes to the Bad Boy wanting the female lead who knows better. And not just bad boy, but, actually dangerous bad man. Maybe because it forces the otherwise fairly passive female lead to protect herself? Or to show strength in survival and speech rather than litteral strength in the “strong independent woman”?

It does not even have to be in the romance department. What initially drove me in “Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi” was that she was wanted by Japan, and I was hooked… until it didn’t deliver.

Then Seven-Days Queen came and it met all my expectations, and EXCEEDED them. The antagonist and female lead had excellent chemistry, but you still supported her with the male lead (or, as Chae-Kyung’s actress does, supports CK far away from both men). I wanted to see more of Yeonsangun and CK, the pain both of them go through as Yeonsangun turns worse and worse and CK has to realize that her brother-in-spirit is gone and is someone that is a danger to her and her family, yet she would be willing to sacrifice herself to protect them. The show had my guilty pleasure, knew it is not acceptable in the real world, knew also it is a drama, and in the end had a balance that suited me just fine.

And now we get Grand Prince, and I’m lucky because I don’t know the actress so I don’t care about her acting yet. People are worried that the story will be almost the same as Seven-Days Queen, and I am too. At the same time, I’m kind of hoping for a different take of the story, like have the female lead actually go with the mane of glory, and see how they would go with that. Keeping in mind that it is a drama and not being a serious depiction of the real world, to see if they eventually fell in love or ended in a Lima/Stockholm Syndrome, or if there would be a psychological battle between the two as the female lead tries to protect the male lead while the mane of glory wants her to love him while he knows he cares about the throne more.

Then again, perhaps I am expecting too much, or different, of the show; I want the female lead to be an active character, because I don’t really care about bromance. I don’t want the female character to be just an object to be argued about between the actual main characters.

But then again, Seven-Days Queen had so many opportunities to be bad yet wasn’t. So here is to hoping Grand Prince will follow that.

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