Hi, everyone, happy weekend!

1. Shoutout to @kimbapnoona for mentioning Love Storm/Love of Sandstorm last week and seems like it’s through @cloggie‘s recommendation, so thanks to both of you! I love it, guhh! I love all the characters stories. Somehow, My Dear Boy‘s about the hero’s parents reminds me of the parents’ arc in this show. I appreciate the show takes on the parents’ POV, especially the mom, it’s so heartbreaking, because I live in patriarchy country, so I know her struggle really well, sigh. But her story is more of her family doesn’t appreciate her. Gotta admit, I struggled to stay throughout 1st episode, too much uhhh wild for me, since I’m more into safe light shows, lol. But yeah, this show is a gem.

Anyway, I love the sister’s story, urghh, what’s wrong with me, I usually not into playboy/ jerk character, but the guy is such an eye-candy, not to mention he’s quite responsible too, a really refreshing adorable cool playboy guy. Can’t believe I typed that, slap me XD.

Also, the OST, One OK Rock- Wherever You Are, somehow gives me feels, it’s so good. I always avoid those I-promise-you sappy slow love song, but damn, this song is <3.

2. And because of the recommendation talk, reminds me of The Good Place which makes me go “Oh wait, how come I know about this show.” And my brain keeps nagging at me, I can’t even focused on my work. Somehow I have a feeling it’s through the talk in dramabeans, so i scrolled through my old comments and surprise! So, shoutout to @tsutsuloo and @ally-le, i had a good time watching that show, thanks a lot! XD And sorry for the long overdue thanks* deep bow

3. I tried to watch Lion Pride, not totally feeling it, too much fluff I guess but I love Amanda,since Love at Seventeen, hee. And her Dorothy’s dialogues, lol. I wonder if the subs translate literally what she said on her radio show, because I legit LOL-ed like the hero, I find her Dorothy’s talk so amusing. And sorry, any Taiwanese here? So the language is Hokkien, right? Correct me if I’m wrong. So yeah, I’ll just stick to watch it for her.

4. Start watching Quartet, what a wacky mysterious fun drama! And I love the music.

5. I start to lose my focus on Radio Romance which is sad, because I spent so much energy trying to find hidden values of this drama, there are, but I think I’m not supposed to feel this exhausted to convince myself. A good drama will effortlessly make viewers appreciate it instead of struggling . So I’ll just stay for LollyPip recaps.


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