OT Week 60! Hello Everyone! Finally a day of sunshine after a week of rain here! And my hubby is back home! Yay! Good things about him being gone—more time to watch kdrama premiers! Bad things–almost everything else! My parents are still here too, so it’s a full house today. And so happy to wake up with @javinne telling me that our “Best Friends” piece was published! It’s shaping up to be a good day!

Both premiers I watched were strong, but SWITCH was so fun and entertaining, that I made my husband watch that one again last night when he got back from California. And, we may be watching two live dramas together (because nothing can get between me and Pretty Noona, not even jail)! We haven’t done that since Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim and Goblin were on concurrently. I’m always surprised how good JGS is, like really good. He’s not oppa material for me because he reminds me too much of a distant cousin I grew up with in terms of his personality and how he looks—like this story is about dopplegangers, and that cousin is a definite doppleganger of JGS, especially when he grins from ear to ear and his eyes get all squinty—it’s crazy uncanny! Anyway, the twists and turns in this, the plan, then the way the plan actually plays out, and then the behind-the-scenes, is so cleverly done. I’m thoroughly entertained.

A Poem a Day is a mixed bag after the first two episodes. I really like the poems and the soft, romantic cinematography matches the tone of the poems well too. However, some of the characters are rubbing me the wrong way and I’m not sure their purpose, and if a character doesn’t have a purpose and is just wasting airtime, I might be out. But it’s too early to say, so I’m with this one for at least another week.

AAAANNNNND PRETTTYYYYY NOOOOOONAAAAA is today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know why I’m excited, but I also LOVE the new title, There’s Something in the Rain because it reminds me of Love Rain and it’s been raining constantly here, so I listened to Jang Geun-seuk’s title track of that drama this morning and it just put me in the mood.

HMMM, conversation…conversation…while re-watching SWITCH with the husband:

Hubby: He’s really a pretty boy, isn’t he. (Referring to JGS)

Me: Sure, but he reminds me a lot of J. (my cousin)

Hubby: Except that he’s way thinner and better looking.

Me: And they’ve even made it a point to mention that he’s gained weight!

Hubby: He just looks older here than in Love Rain, everyone gains weight as they age.

Me: But he still looks amazing in a suit—and he’s istill thin!

Hubby: OK, that girl actually looks Korean. *my husband doesn’t prefer actresses that have had work done and change their facial structure so much that they lose that natural look*

Me: So, you’ll watch this one with me?

Hubby: Might as well. It’s interesting at least. *trying to hide his excitement, but I know he’ll be the one…

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