2018-03-30 13:45:05
2018-03-30 13:45:05

JTBC is launching a new celebrity makeup show titled “Mimi Shop” (literal translation).

Slated to premiere on April 25 at 8:30 p.m. KST on the channel JTBC4, the concept centers around a celebrity “makeup shop” where the celebrity hosts act as makeup artists for the guests. The cast will include Tony Ahn, Sandara Park, actress Shin So Yul, rapper Cheetah, and model Kim Jin Kyung.

The makeup show will take place in a real store in the Seogyu neighborhood. The celebrities will not only act as makeup artists but give advice to the guests on everything from love to daily life.

On her casting, Sandara Park said, “I’ve been an MC for a beauty program before, but I’m bad at doing things with my hands.” On the other hand, Cheetah has a reputation for her skilful hand at makeup application and reportedly surprised everyone with her talent during filming.

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