TVXQ appeared on the March 30 episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” to talk about making their comeback after two years and eight months.

Yunho introduced TVXQ’s eighth album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love.” He said, “It’s an album that reflects a lot of our opinions. Starting with the concept, it began with us wanting to give our fans a gift.”

TVXQ then looked back at the time of their debut. The interviewer showed them photos of Changmin in his school uniform and brought up his audition where he reportedly just sang the national anthem and clapped.

The interviewer asked, “So you were accepted for your appearance?” Changmin answered jokingly, “It’s weird for me to say it, but I suppose so.” When asked how the others acted, Changmin joked, “I walked around with my head down.”

TVXQ was also asked about how they reacted when they found out about their team name and stage names. “I was dumbfounded,” said Changmin. Yunho stated, “I still remember. When seniors asked us what our team name was, we said, ‘TVXQ…” He reenacted how he would put his head down and say it quietly out of embarrassment.

Changmin added, “As time passes, I feel a lot of pride in our name. What I was happy about was the trend when people put two-letter words in front of their names to make four-letter names.”

The interviewer also poked fun at the duo by showing them examples of when their actions didn’t match with their words. Although the members said they didn’t like to be physically affectionate with other men, they posed for photos together where they were physically close. Yunho also rapped on a past episode of “Happy Together” and said he was embarrassed about it, but used it in a television ad.

Changmin joked, “We’re slaves of capitalism.” Yunho said, “When I said that I was embarrassed at the time, I also said that I became more confident because this is also who I am.” Changmin replied, “I think that’s amazing because I’m not always confident in myself.”

He continued, “It’s not something that anyone can do easily, but I think that’s why people think of us as cute and approachable.” Yunho concluded, “This time, instead of thinking that TVXQ should achieve more, we have the goal of being approachable to more people. We ask for lots of your love and support.”

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