Jun So Min discussed in what ways her regular appearance on SBS’s “Running Man” has impacted her life during a recent interview with news outlet News1.

The actress explained that a lot of people had been worried at first when she accepted the casting offer, but the program became the source of her big breakthrough.

“There’s a lot that I’ve gained through ‘Running Man.’ Many people recognize me after I started to appear on the show and my fanbase has grown,” Jun So Min shared. “Before I appeared on ‘Running Man,’ it was a dark period in my life and I joined when I was having a hard time.”

She expressed, “I have been able to show many sides of myself through the show. It broke through the limitations of my image. Thanks to ‘Running Man,’ who ‘Jun So Min’ is as a person has been widely publicized.” The actress added, “If I had not experienced this breakthrough, I would have found it more difficult to act.”

The actress was also asked if the drama and film roles she gets offered have changed since joining ‘Running Man.’

“I receive a lot of bright and cheerful roles after ‘Running Man,’” Jun So Min shared. “The interesting thing is that people now see me as younger than my age, whereas in the past they saw me as older. The image people have of me has improved. I like that very much.”

Jun So Min revealed that a big part of her philosophy is that she just needs to work hard. When asked if she feels burdened to be entertaining on the show, she replied, “I do feel like I have to bring people more joy.”

The actress continued, “A concern of mine is how I should act to let people experience different forms of happiness. It’s different than when I did things without knowing anything. I do try not to worry about it too much because I believe that I have to be enjoying myself and having fun in order for the viewers to feel excited as well.”

She also addressed if she wanted to appear on any other variety program, saying, “I’m still a little afraid of variety shows but if there is a program that I fit well with, then I do want to try it.”

Check out Jun So Min and the rest of the cast in the latest episode of “Running Man”!

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