Team Dramabeans: What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for more (or agonizing when there was no more), and what made you want to throw your remote through the screen? Time to weigh in…



My Ajusshi: Well now I know why they cast The Voice—the heroine listens in on his life night and day! Episode 4 finally delivered that moment where I felt like it paid off to sit through the first three episodes of slow burn. I was just waiting for that tiny jolt of a true connection, promising that this wouldn’t be a show about two characters who hated each other for sixteen episodes. But now the heroine’s armor has begun to crack, and the ajusshi has begun to wake up after sleepwalking through his entire life, and that’s exciting.

The Great Seducer: Did we arrive at this conflict point too early? It seems too fast for some reason, or maybe teen relationships move at the speed of light and I’m out of touch. But I kind of feel like the breakup happened before the relationship started. Let’s give things a chance to build before crushing them with repressed emotion, shall we?

Mystery Queen 2: The procedural cases are really lackluster this season. They’re not holding my interest as much, and the jokes are veering more hokey than witty, which is a distinct step down from the first season. It’s mostly a directorial issue, but the writer also seems to have decided to make the cop a little dumber, rather than making the cases smarter. I love this crime-fighting duo, but can we please get them more interesting crimes to fight?



My Ajusshi: I haven’t seen all the episodes yet, but here’s how I feel about it so far : [chickachunga kissing her fingers gesture] Gorgeous direction by Kim Won-seok per usual. Keeping my fingers crossed for the story to not meet the same fate as Oh Hae-young Again and fall apart in the second half.



My Husband Oh Jak-doo I know some people find the mountain grannies too screechy, but I love them for being such cute matchmakers this week. And I enjoyed that scene in the coffee shop where Jak-doo proudly orders cappuccino for them. But I love it best when someone schools the horrible mom, and it was so satisfying to watch the youngest granny pull her hair a couple of times. I’m not buying that mom’s reason for treating her daughter like a worthless walking wallet. She just seems like a horrible mom, period. If Seung-joo didn’t do That Big Mistake in the past, Mom would be treating her like a precious walking wallet, but a wallet all the same.

Tale of a Good Witch I’m sad to say goodbye to Woo-jin’s “Abstinence Blue” outfits, but he’s hilariously sweet when he’s trying to understand and help out the girl he likes, even if he found her sharpening a cleaver “for triceps exercise” at midnight. Maybe growing up with Oh Tae-ri made him calm in terrifying situations, because she’s the cruelest chaebol heiress I’ve seen in dramaland. Seriously, she terrifies me. *watches clips of Yoon Se-ah in Just Between Lovers to sleep better at night*



The Great Seducer: I was worried about the pacing as the show’s first few episodes just flew through the source material, and now that they need to buy time, it feels like the writers are using a random trope generator to build scenes until they’re ready to go for the conclusion. But then there’s moments like the the tense dinner scene at Shi-hyun’s family vacation home, and I’m all in again.


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