Upcoming drama “Rich Man, Poor Woman” has released teaser clips for EXO’s Suho and actress Ha Yeon Soo.

A remake of a hugely popular Japanese romantic comedy of the same title, the drama follows the relationship between a genius businessman with face blindness (prosopagnosia) and an energetic job-seeker with an extraordinary memory. Suho plays the role of brilliant yet reckless CEO Lee Yoo Chan while Ha Yeon Soo plays Bo Ra, an enthusiastic woman looking for a job.

The teaser clip for Suho begins with the actor coming to work riding a motorbike. As he strides confidently into the building with a smirk, the words “A man who’s 99 percent perfect. The one percent he lacks” appear on the screen followed by Suho’s line, “No such thing.” The words “Manners” immediately pop up next, highlighting Lee Yoo Chan’s arrogance.

The video goes on to introduce Lee Yoo Chan’s face blindness. “I can’t remember anyone’s faces when I close my eyes. They all look the same to me,” Suho says. Ha Yeon Soo also says, “He can’t possibly remember me.”

On the other hand, Ha Yeon Soo’s teaser clip shows the adorable, innocent character of Bo Ra. Suho asks Ha Yeon Soo, “Miss Kim Bo Ra, how much do you cost for a day?” Her funny surprised reactions hints at the light-hearted nature of the drama.

The words “Unspeakable secret” then appear on the screen. Ha Yeon Soo quietly whispers, “It’s all right. He can’t possibly remember me.” Suho’s voice is heard saying, “You don’t have to say you know me first, I’ll recognize you with this.”

Watch the full teaser clips here!