When SHINee appeared as guests on the May 30 episode of “Radio Star,” they had the chance to share their thoughts on a famous part of their history!

During the show, Minho talked about his competitive personality and desire to win. Onew added, “His personality is the type where he has to keep doing it until he gets it.” Minho explained, “If you tease me, I keep trying until I can do it. I can’t help it because it’s my personality.”

The MCs then held up photos from a video of Minho performing the rap to “The SHINee World (Doo Bop).” His part is well-known amongst fans for the funny way it introduces each member. While the lyrics are full of puns, they could be translated as “Bling bling is Jonghyun, our powerful item is Taemin, tofu on leader is Onew, SHINee’s almighty key is Key, fiery charisma Minho.”