With the return of MBC’s “Come and Hug Me” to normal scheduling, viewership ratings are in for a shake-up!

According to Nielsen Korea, the June 28 episodes of MBC’s “Come and Hug Me” achieved 2.6 percent and 4.5 percent nationwide viewership ratings while SBS’s “The Undateables” achieved 3.1 percent and 4.4 percent viewership ratings. KBS will not be airing their new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Your House Helper” until July 4.


During the latest episodes of “Come and Hug Me,” Chae Do Jin (played by Jang Ki Yong) and Han Jae Yi (played by Jin Ki Joo) were finally able to let go of their guilt towards each other and enjoyed a date, walking along a forest together. As they strolled, Han Jae Yi told him, “I came here when I missed you sometimes. It all felt like you,” and held his hand.

There was more trouble in paradise during the June 28 episodes of “The Undateables” however. Kang Hoon Nam (played by Namgoong Min) did everything he could to persuade Yoo Jung Eum (played by Hwang Jung Eum) not to break up with him. From helping her out with her difficult Zero Members to rereading his dating column for advice, he spent all of his time missing and trying to apologize to Jung Eum. However, in the end, she gave him the rest of the pieces to the tin man and broke up with him.

If you haven’t already, watch the latest episode of “The Undateables” below!

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