OT week 73. Hope everyone is having a good week! I have shingles this week. It’s strange to be sick, but I’ve still put in a full week at work and meetings. I also have two students to mentor this week as well. I’ve decided to reward myself this weekend and just watch Kdramas until I get sick of them! (I don’t think that’s possible.) unfinished dramas to finish, a fanfic scene to write, kpop to listen to. Yep, I think I’ll be enjoying myself!

In other news, I’ve been hyping up “Mr. Sunshine” to anyone who will listen which meant showing my respiratory therapist and a student that 14 minute trailer I have posted on my wall and FB. It was after clinic was over. It’s just mesmerizing and they were glued to my computer screen for the entire 14 minutes! I actually forbade the student from watching because he’s taking the MCAT in September and I’m not going to be the reason he doesn’t get into med school! Actually, I told him that when he gets his first job as a physician is when he should start watching Kdramas, as he even told me that he can be obsessive about things like this (like me). I’m so glad I was just introduced to these fairly recently because I would have failed out of school for sure! I’m really enjoying everyone’s essays on life and Kdramas and I am in awe of you students that are disciplined enough to still study with being tempted to watch newly subbed episodes. Or to step away entirely when big projects are due. I think I’m firmly ensconced here.

We started the C-drama, “The Legend if Fuyao” this week. I’m loving the fantasy element and the leads are so beautiful as are the costumes and sets. I don’t mind that it makes no sense. It’s summer and I need fluff right now.

Speaking of fluff, “Secretary Kim” is all kinds of cute right now. I watch dramas for the OTP most of the time and this one is in my top-ten, no question. I’ve spoiled myself f for the 8th episode (I haven’t seen it) but that kiss is everything. I love when the female initiates a kiss and the male receives it. THAT is swoon-worthy.

A conversation:

While watching the preview for “Fuyao” which actually sounds like the word “bridesmaid” in Vietnamese:

Me: So, is she the forever the bridesmaid in this show?

Husband: Don’t know, but she looks like you!!!

Me: What???

Husband; Well, how I imagine you should look.

Me: What!???

Husband: If you were Chinese and an actress.

Moral of the story: I still don’t know if he meant this as a compliment or not.

2nd Moral: Shingles sucks. But at least I have modern medicine.

3rd Moral: Carpe Diem! Watch more dramass!


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