Calling all Stray Kids fans, mixtape enthusiasts, and the general population of music lovers! Regardless if you’re familiar with Stray Kids or not, this is a PSA letting you know about their incredible pre-debut unit group, 3RACHA!

This sub-unit consists of leader Bang Chan, main rapper Changbin, as well as Han, who is both a rapper and a vocalist. Using the stage names CB97, SPEARB, and J.One respectively, these three came together as trainees under Bang Chan’s leadership with the goal of making their own music.

Their writing and producing skills were truly able to shine via 3RACHA mixtape releases on YouTube and SoundCloud, consequently providing opportunities to work on Stray Kids songs as well. So as a way of appreciating their talents, here are 10 solid tracks to get you started on your 3RACHA journey. Enjoy!

1. “Runner’s High”

All right, we’re gonna start off strong here. At its core, “Runner’s High” is song that’s full of hype from beginning to end, and the rap itself is practically brimming with exhilaration. And since this is one of the few 3RACHA tracks that have been performed live, I thought I’d share this lovely performance video with you all so you can see the excitement for yourself.