In the world of K-pop, fangirling isn’t unique to only fans, as tons of idols have been seen admiring their seniors or even becoming fans of groups who debut after them. Female idols in particular are loud and proud about their love for their favorites, and many times take on the “yeodeok” title, meaning “a female fan of female celebrities.”

Here are eight female idols who have been known to fangirl adorably over other female idols.

1. EXID’s Hani over Oh My Girl’s Arin

Hani has not been shy about declaring herself as a fan of Oh My Girl’s Arin. During EXID’s showcase for “Lady,” Hani expressed her happiness for promoting at the same time as Oh My Girl and gushed over Arin’s cute teaser photos for their “Banana Allergy Monkey” release. She wished Arin happiness and even called herself an unnie fan of Arin.

In response, Arin expressed her gratefulness and support for her senior, and offered to buy Hani a meal with her own allowance.

The two finally met for Korean barbeque and proved their newfound friendship through multiple Instagram posts.

2. HyunA over KARD’s Somin

HyunA and Somin’s friendship began through both girls fangirling over each other through live broadcasts. Somin first held a live broadcast where she praised HyunA for being cool, and this caught HyunA’s attention.

HyunA later explained through a live broadcast of her own that they had actually exchanged phone numbers backstage at “Music Bank” to set up a proper meal. She asked her own fans through the live what she should buy Somin, clearly expressing her nervousness and enthusiasm for their upcoming date. In response to HyunA’s shy questions and excitement for their meeting, her manager hilariously asked her, “Are you guys in a relationship or something?!”