Apink appeared as guests on the June 30 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” where they talked about the things they want to do together in the future.

During the episode, Kim Young Chul asked Son Naeun, “Is there anything you want to try in the future?” Son Naeun shared, “I want to try posing for a no make-up, all-natural photo shoot with the Apink members.” She explained, “I want to capture what we looked like when we were young, in our youth.” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul then prompted her to pick the Apink member who looked the best without makeup, and Son Naeun picked Hayoung.

Later on, in the guessing-game segment of the show, Hayoung asked the question, “What did Apink promise each other at the beginning of their debut?” The answer was that they had promised each other that they would all go on a couples’ trip to Haeundae Beach in Busan when they got married.

Hayoung explained, “We performed at Haeundae right after our debut, and we were sad at the time that we had to come back right away when the ocean was right there in front of us. So we decided to come later on with our husbands.”

Bomi added, “I want to get married early. I think it’s better to get married and then get divorced rather than not get married at all,” which hilariously made the divorced Seo Jang Hoon quite flustered.

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