Web dramas are usually known for being light, short, and moderately cheesy. But one thing is for sure, we absolutely love every bit of it! Watching these shorter dramas can help us take a break from the usual overwhelming plots that we go through when watching lengthy storylines, and sometimes, we simply don’t feel like going through a nerve-wrecking rollercoaster ride of emotions. Instead, we don’t mind a short, bed time visual story for a change.

Set in the chronological order of their release, here is a selection of web dramas that you should endulge in this summer after watching an intense drama!

Warning: minor spoilers below. 

Hot and Sweet

In this drama, Min Joon (Choi Min Hwan) is an aspiring chef with big dreams who runs a food truck business in hopes of creating a new food trend. On a slow work day, he happens to come across a troublesome graffiti artist named Joon Young (AOA’s Yuna), who offers her services to help around to pay back for her free meal.

Joining forces with her employer, Yoon Young uses her witty skills to lure potential clients to try the place’s signature dish while Min Joon’s mind is preoccupied with an upcoming yearly chef competition. And with his ex-girlfriend being the previous recipient, he puts all of his focus on the contest in order to prove himself. However, a drastic incident shifts his interest into what he believes is what truly matters at the moment.

Hot, sweet, and heart melting, this web drama is different from the usual rushed plots we’re used to that instantly build up a love sparkle. Instead, a more realistic, slow-burn romance sees the light of day between the ambitious chef and his carefree helper as they open each other’s eyes to what life is really all about.

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Ruby Ruby Love

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun plays the role of Ruby, a distinguished jewelry designer who suffers from sociophobia. Upon receiving a magical ring, her life turns upside down as her new power grants her the possibility to overcome her fears and righteously claim her well-deserved Daesang award. Plus, Ruby’s new social venture actually allows her to get close to her prince charming, Na Ji Suk (Lee Yi Kyung), the CEO of a jewelry enterprise. But Ji Suk is not the only man in Ruby’s life. In fact, her one and only friend named Won Suk (Lee Chul Woo) also keeps an eye on her behind the curtains, waiting for her to notice him one day.

This lighthearted story not only shows Ruby’s impressive development but also the development of her love life. Ruby grows as she learns that willpower really comes from inner strength and the faith her entourage has in her, and she realizes that she’s loved for being herself rather than for leaving her comfort zone to please others.

Her bubbly persona is enough to make both male characters fall heads over heels for her, and the heart fluttering exchange Ruby has with both of them will make you anxious to find out who she ends up with at the end. One thing is for sure, her final pick is definitely worth the wait!