2018-07-06 03:25:55
2018-07-06 03:25:55

Kim Min Kyu opened up about his first leading role in a film and shared that he hopes to become like Park Seo Joon in the future!

On July 6, a press conference was held for the new horror film “The Whispering.” During the event, Kim Min Kyu was asked how he felt about taking on his first leading role in a film. He replied that he was very nervous and explained, “When I was in, ‘Because This Is My First Life,’ I was able to immediately check what my acting was like on the spot. But for a film, there’s quite a long wait before I see the finished film on the big screen, so that’s what made me nervous.”

The actor also opened up about his goals as an actor and said, “I hope I can become like Park Seo Joon, who is able to take on a wide variety of projects for both the big screen and for television. I also have two characters I’d like to try out. I want to take on a romantic role like Hwang Jung Min‘s in ‘Man in Love’ or a villainous role like Yoo Ah In‘s in ‘Veteran.’”

“The Whispering” is a horror film that follows six high school students who stumble upon a house of horrors and are terrorized by the sounds of death.The film is set to be released in Korean theaters on July 13.

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