[Drama sequels] Come and Hug Me a little more

By @ultramafic

Let me introduce you to Hyun-moo. That’s him up there in an adorable hat. Does Hyun-moo look like a killer to you?

Not to me, either.

For a while Hyun-moo tried to convince us he was a bad person. He wanted to be just like his serial killer father. I know, I know, it was a weird phase but he couldn’t even use a real killer hammer to beat people up. And he only stabbed his brother on accident and then worried about him (the jerk). He stalked people but just to keep them safe from the real bad guys.

Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone, you adorable puff cake.

Come Here and Hug Me had one of the best endings I’ve seen in a drama. It was poignant, moving, and captured the theme of the show perfectly. It wrapped everything up so well… for the OTP. Hyun-moo was not part of the OTP. (Thank god because we already had enough weird brother-love to deal with. Right, Moo-won?)

Hyun-moo evoked for me the entire drama equivalent of second lead syndrome. Like how you keep rooting for the second lead to get the girl, I kept wishing Hyun-moo was the main lead of this drama. I’m sorry Na-moo, I love you and Jang Ki-yong is a great actor, but did you throw yourself between your serial killer father and adoptive mother and then scold her, “Don’t cry, we aren’t even that close”?

​​Didn’t think so.

Our leads got their fill of hugs, but what about poor Hyun-moo? What are we to do with a drama that finishes up so nicely for the main characters, but leaves our mallow-middle side character wanting? In this case we don’t need a sequel. What we need is a spin-off.

Enter: Come and Hug Hyun-moo (working title)

You may have guessed by all the talk of hammers and stabbings that Hyun-moo still has a prison sentence to serve. That’s fine, we get it, there are consequences to actions even if those actions are half-hearted and even if you feel really bad about them. But eventually, after all the visits from Omma and his dongsaengs where he pretends to be annoyed but can’t stop smiling, he’ll get out. What happens then?

It must be hard for an ex-con to find a new life after leaving prison. He’s paid his debt, but does society give him a fair chance? Can you really start over again once you’ve turned from a life of crime? Will he be able to find love and happiness while fighting against the odds? This show practically writes itself.

I want to see Hyun-moo find his Nak-won. I want to see him teasing and fussing over Mom and So-jin. I want to see him become best friends with Moo-won and then they become a crime-fighting duo (okay okay, that’s probably asking too much). Most of all I want him to find some purpose in life besides trying and failing to live up to his father’s expectations. I want to see him come to love and forgive himself and catch hold of some dream. (With lots of comedy hijinks along the way, cause we’ve cried enough, yo.) I don’t want his last moments to be with his head down, feeling sorry for all the terrible things he’s done.

A girl can only dream for a such a blessing from the drama gods. Hyun-moo-yah, your soft squishy heart captured all of ours. Like Na-moo and Mom and So-jin, when you get out, we’ll be waiting for you. You’ll always have a place to return to.


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