Voice 1 was so good it could have been the best drama of 2017, if Secret Forest didn’t crush any kind of competition in a definitive way.
I have complete faith in the writer, the new PD and Lee Hana to make an outstanding drama once again.

“Lee Hana is back, which is more important for the core premise of the show—she’s the one who has the gift of perfect hearing, who can profile killers and crime scenes based on sounds that no one else can detect.”

Seriously, thank you very much for this simple – but apparently not obvious for everyone- fact. She’s the leader of the Golden Time team and she’s got the power which is the reason why the show exists in the 1st place, but the media online have been treating her like she’s an afterthought, an assistant to Jang Hyuk’character and now the new male lead.
As if it wasn’t enough, all the focus on the trailers and OCN promo material was on him.
Putting aside his past scandal, which really doesn’t put him under a good light, LJW is still a bad actor. I’ve watched Return until Go Hyung Jung left, and i can affirm that he was the weakest part of a cast that was far from being stellar, which says a lot about his acting skills in the recent period.

Anyway, i’ll focus on the good: nothing can spoil for me the fact that in a a rare occurence on Korean tv, a female character is a leader of her team, and of her drama. She’s having a fair share of action scenes is extremely competent in her job, a mentor for her coworkers, while still being allowed to be compassionate.
Last time, it happened it was on Signal, which is the best compliment Voice could ever had.

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